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"Natuaral Therapy and Wealth
Creation Working in Harmony"

Combine a range of highly successful products with the power of Network Marketing and you've got a winning combination. Our latest range of miraculous magnotherapy units are producing incredible results which in turn are leading to record sales. The WristBand model has now been fondly nicknamed 'The Therapist on Your Wrist'.

WristBand Natural HealthCare

The Secret of our success is down to the unique magnetic field which cleverly mimics the expensive equipment used by professional therapists giving the similar health benefits but at a fraction of the cost...

People have been experiencing incredible results with a myriad of conditions too numerous to list here (over 150) and our advice now is to simply give one a try as nothing would surprise us!

With our unconditional 12-month Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose except your pains!!    Pete...


Purchase a WristBand today for just GBP 30.00, USD 50.00, DM 85.00, FF 260.00 and try one out for yourself. If you are not astonished and delighted with the results then simply return it to us within 60 days for a full, no quibble, refund... It works or costs you nothing! This totally unconditional guarantee is on top of the lifetime guarantee on the units magnetic properties (90 years plus!).

You truly must WIN so e-mail us your order today!

~= A Full Range For People =~

Special Sports WristBand Model ~ The Performance Model
Improved model now comes with an executive leather strap as standard!
Approx. GBP 50.00, USD 80.00, DM 145.00, FF 490.00

This is the performance model of the range and delivers greater effectiveness by incorporating a second relay magnet into it's unique leather MagneticStrap which is water resistant. This model is designed to be worn with the body of the unit on either side of the wrist but from experience still recommend wearing it like the Standard model with the main body of the unit on the inside of the wrist.

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 + Click to see Contents +   Sports WristBand   Size:Small Large   

Qty:   @  £49.99      

Standard WristBand Model ~ An Excellent Low Cost Alternative!
Improved model available with choice of strap colour ~ Red, Blue or Silver.
Approx. GBP 30.00, USD 50.00, DM 85.00, FF 290.00

This is an evolution from its predecessor, the earlier 'Original' model, and is available in three stylish colors - blue, red or silver. It incorporates the special magnotherapy unit module inside a non-allergenic case and the comfortable designer strap is secured with Velcro providing a safe and easy fastening system. It is designed to be worn on the inside of the wrist where the maximum benefits from the magnotherapy module can be achieved.

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 + Click to see Contents +   Standard WristBand   Colour:Red Blue Silver    

Qty:   @  £29.99      

'Dress' WristBand Model
Elegant Gold and Silver color model for those very special occasions.
Approx. GBP 100.00, USD 160.00, DM 300.00, FF 990.00

This is an item of fashion jewellery incorporating exactly the same technology as the Sports model. It is both practical and decorative and is ideal for any special occasion. It is designed to be worn loosely on the wrist and comes in either a gold or silver color finish.

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 + Click to see Contents +   'Dress' WristBand   Colour:Gold Silver   

Qty:   @  £99.99      

Special WristBand 'Pack'
Powerful local area treatment unit - ideal for backs but can be worn anywhere on the body.
Approx. GBP 65.00, USD 105.00, DM 195.00, FF 630.00

This one is designed to be placed directly on to the area of discomfort and its four powerful magnotherapy modules deliver the greatest benefits just where it is needed most. It comes with a back pouch to wear around the waist or over the shoulder but can equally be worn anywhere on the body for localised treatment and can be held in place with a crape bandage (not) supplied.

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 + Click to see Contents +   WristBand 'Pack' - Ideal for local area treatment (Backs)

Qty:   @  £64.99      

~= Specific Models For Pets =~

Do aches and pains stop your pet enjoying life to the full?

If they do then one of our special pet range units may help them...

It wasn't long before it was discovered that these units worked just as well, if not better in some instances, on animals as they did on humans. This was a major step forward for us as it helped dispel the myths that it is 'all in the mind' and proved to us that it must be a physiological effect as opposed to just a psychological one. From these early results we have now developed this excellent range specifically for animals.

Specific Model For Dogs and Larger Animals
Approx. GBP 30.00, USD 50.00, DM 85.00, FF 290.00

A happier, healthier dog will require less medication which can also result in substantial savings. Thousands of pets are now enjoying a new lease of life by wearing a WristBand Collar.

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 + Click to see Contents +   Pet WristBand Large - 30" Collar (Dogs)

Qty:   @  £29.99      

Specific Model For Cats and Smaller Animals
Approx. GBP 25.00, USD 40.00, DM 75.00, FF 250.00

This model uses exactly the same unique magnetic module as the dog unit but in a smaller less obtrusive form. The strap also incorporates an elasticated insert for the safety of your pet.

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 + Click to see Contents +   Pet WristBand Small - 10" Collar (Cats)

Qty:   @  £24.99      

A Pair Of Special Horse 'Boots'
Approx. GBP 65.00, USD 105.00, DM 195.00, FF 630.00

Both owners and vets alike have seen substantial improvements in the health and happiness of their horses and ponies as a direct result of the animals being fitted with a pair of these special horse 'boots'. Each 'boot' incorporates two of the latest magnotherapy modules.

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 + Click to see Contents +   WristBand Horse 'Boots'   Size:Small Large   

Qty:   @  £64.99      

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~= e-mails received at our WebSite =~
Many thanks for your information and prompt response to my original email and processing of the order. The goods arrived today, I am very pleased with them, thanks very much for the excellent service." ~ Gordon C, Corby, UK

~= Letters received at our UK offices =~

I was once asked - what I got out of this business, apart from Financial Gain. The answer was easy - "FRIENDSHIP", "EXCITEMENT", & "INSPIRATION".

From my Sponsors, "Bisola & Ahmed", who have helped me every step of the way - I get "FRIENDSHIP".

From Karen & Mark, attending their lectures - I get "EXCITEMENT".

From someone who everyone admires and everyone always talks about, who is never too busy or tired to help others, and asks for nothing in return - I get my "INSPIRATION".

I refer to a man who I consider to be one of the best ambassadors for this business and, yes Peter, I am provileged and honoured to be in "your" group. Thank you for all the help you have given, not only to me but to my down-line, and may I say what you're always telling me - "You Can Do It!!" ~ Dorothy Wheeler, Cleveland, UK



Recent National Media features include... The Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday, Business Age, Womans Own (Jan '99), Horse & Hounds (Feb '99) PLUS UK National TV & SKY TV!!

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