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Who do you sponsor? You can sponsor anyone; don't eliminate a person because he/she doesn't appear to be "the type". Never prejudge people; it's impossible to recognise those who will work the business with real enthusiasm and those who won't. Remember, you never know who are going to be your "Star Players". Now that you have your list of names find an approach that you feel comfortable with, but also try and tailor your approach to the person and his/her specific needs and interests. 

When building your business, work with three people at a time; choose three motivated people you know that you would like to be leaders in your organisation. Work with them to build their businesses and continue working with them until they've built their organisations to at least two levels deep! (See the example below.) As you work with them begin to teach them exactly how to do the same. Don't try to "reinvent the wheel" as it's already been invented and works fine. Find someone in the business who is already successful, that you would aim to be like, and then model (copy) them. Find out how they operate their business, how they sell the products, how they sponsor people into the business and do exactly the same as they do. You'll be surprised at how soon you start to get the same results! This simple process of duplication, combined with time, will turn your "life into fortune!"

No organisation will grow geometrically like the example above because people aren't perfect. However, over a period of time, as your organisation grows, the power of duplication will affect the overall potential of your income.

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