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       Back home, working hard in the office!
is the lifeblood of any network. I also travel to attend meetings and trainings and to work with distributors. So, a lot of what I do each day depends on the nature of the calls, faxes and e-mails, which I receive from prospects and distributors. But I now have the choice to work when it suits me and to work where and with whomever I want to. This is a nice luxury that I've never had before!

Q: The products found in network marketing companies are of great quality and help so many people in so many different ways. Do you have any testimonials you can briefly share with us?
Peter: The products we have are now improving the quality of life for thousands of people and animals. The following is a letter printed in the Company's August newsletter, from one of my new local distributors:
What an amazing two months, I have had. My father was struck down with a severe stroke in January and was not expected to survive, we were all praying very hard for him. While he was in hospital Pete Aldred put a brochure through my door. I took little interest in it. A few days later I read an article about bio-magnetic products in the Daily Mail. I still did nothing. A couple of days after that I was watching 

a BBC Health Watch programme and there were these magnetic products again - perhaps someone was trying to tell me something. I found the brochure and rang Pete up. Surprise number one, he was so lively and chatty, full of this product he was selling. I bought a wristband for my dad. My dad's colour soon improved and so did the length of his concentration span. Two weeks later he came home! Someone suggested a wristband around his ankle might help his paralysed foot. We bought another one and put it on his ankle at the weekend. On the Wednesday evening the carer and my mum saw movement in dad's paralysed leg. On the Thursday the carer asked if my dad could possibly lift his leg and he did - about one inch off the bed. Mum said the carer could not believe her eyes and almost kissed my dad! On the Sunday when I visited him his paralysed and normally cold hand was warm! Word soon spread. My husband's shoulder is now completely healed, the pains in his knee are very much better, the pains in my mother-in-law's neck have gone and her fingers can pick small things up again. I also have an elderly aunt who, within a week, could bend over and tie up her shoelaces with no pains in her back, and a friend who has had the first  migraine-free month in 16 years! As a worn out, very tired, primary school teacher I am sleeping better and my energy levels have greatly increased. Needless to say, I have become a distributor; half of my school colleagues and church friends are wearing wristbands. It has been lovely seeing the difference these wristbands have made to people's lives. I have learnt my lesson. I will be more open-minded in the future. With grateful thanks. -
Diane Brendling, Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Peter: Network Marketing has changed my life for the better, why not let it change yours too? The Products are proven. The markets are proven. The profits are proven. The risks are negligible and the upside potential is virtually unlimited. Whenever the odds are stacked in my favour, I always believe in grasping opportunities. I simply can't live with wondering, 'what if?' Can you? And, on a final note, here's one of my favourite quotes: "I would rather attempt something great and fail... than do nothing and succeed!" - Emerson

- Thank you Peter


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