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he was the very first Executive Distributor outside of the UK. In acknowledgement of his achievements over the past four years, the Company have recently given him the post of 'German Network Co-ordinator'. In early October, we're going over there to celebrate Michael's four years of success, with a special day of training. We're also having great success in Holland as one of my distributors, Jacob Sebastian from DEVAS International in Rotterdam, who originally exported 70 various units to India is now exporting a further 125 units of various types. Jacob is looking to build this order up to one thousand units per month by the summer of 2000. Other news is that, as a result of the huge success my network is achieving, we are expanding into a limited company.

Q: I notice you quote inspirational sayings and print extracts from network marketing books in the e-mail newsletters that you send to your downline distributors. How have you found network marketing and self-improvement tools to be of help to you?

Peter: Invaluable! Personal development is a major part of networking. I continue to read 

books and listen to tapes as much as possible and then I try to impart some of this knowledge to my distributors. I also encourage them to do the same. My favourite book for new distributors is 'Being the best you can be in MLM" by John Kalench and I recommend anyone interested in network marketing to read it.

Q: With a business that's clearly going as fast as your Lamborghini, do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

Peter: Networking has helped me to fulfil most of my ambitions, however, I do still have a couple of goals left that keep me motivated. I've achieved the dream car. The next step is the dream house in the country and then a second home in Jamaica. And, on a more personal level, Tracey and I are planing to start a family.

Q: Peter, please tell us an income story that illustrates what networking your business can achieve? 

Peter: Networking isn't a licence to print money without effort, but I now average over £1,000 a week in passive bonuses on top of my personal sales profits and open 

volume bonuses. But I've still got a long way to go to catch up with Graham Barton, my sponsor. He's now averaging over £1,000 a day. Let me give you an example of what my friend Howard Furr-Barton has done. Howard joined the business in January of this year and reached the Executive level in just three and a half months. He already has a growing group of over 40 people and Howard's first bonus cheque was over £300. However, his second one was over £1,000.

Q: Building the business sounds very exciting, so what happens during a typical day for you?
Peter: Well, that's the beauty of it for me. There isn't really a 'typical day', as each one is so different. This is what keeps it interesting and exciting, as you never know, from one day to the next, where you'll be or what you'll be doing. When I'm at home, I spend a lot of my time in the office, either chatting to people on the phone or working on the computer. Most of my time is now spent on recruiting, helping and training the distributors. I work a lot on the computer producing material for my team and also on the e-mails I send out to them. Having e-mail is an invaluable tool in this business, as effective communication, such as this,

Peter Aldred's tips
for Network Marketing success...

Here are my 10 tips for success (in no specific order)

1. Rule number one: Never, ever, ever give up! The only way to ever lose in Networking is to quit!! Persistency and Patience + Effort = Success

2. Rule number two: reread rule number one!!

3. The customer is always right - give them the very best service you can.

4. People, like people, like people - be friendly and enthusiastic at all times. Enthusiasm is contagious and people will only buy from you, or consider joining you, if they like you. The only thing more contagious than enthusiasm... is a lack of it!

5. Commit to talking to at least two new people every day about the business and the products you have to offer. Simply look at the opportunity as a gift you have to share with people.

6. Attend as many meetings, trainings and company events as you can and encourage your people to do the same.

7. Get to know your subject and become an expert on it. Read as much information as possible in your specific field and about Network Marketing.

8. Develop yourself - listen to training, personal development and motivational audiotapes, read books and watch videos. Attend seminars and courses if at all possible too.

9. Develop your belief in yourself, your Company, your products and your industry - Network Marketing. It's a brilliant and ethical business to be proud of!!

10. Write down your goals, review and update them regularly, and time scale them - a goal without a time scale is just a dream!!

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