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Q: What qualities and type of personality makes someone a leader in your organisation?

Peter: A desire to succeed, determination, tenacity, confidence, unselfishness, commitment, the ability to talk to people and a willingness to help others.

Q: In your opinion why are some networkers more successful than others?

Peter: I reckon that this is mainly due to their beliefs. Having belief in their Company, the products, in network marketing, and in themselves is of paramount importance. Without concrete and unshakeable beliefs in all four, they will struggle. Another factor is their ability to talk to people. If they can't tell people what they have to offer, they'll find it very difficult to get them to buy from them or to join them in the business.

Q: How do you balance family life around your business?

Peter: First of all, I class my business more as a hobby that I get paid for, rather than work. And to illustrate this let me tell you a story of how my family life and this business work together. On the 20th August, this year, I 

married Tracey, who I had met whilst I was working the business in Essex. After our fabulous wedding we went on our dream honeymoon to the famous Sun City resort in South Africa. It was while we were walking around the complex that we got chatting to Dellon and Marcus, a couple of 'time share' reps. When I mentioned our line of business they became very interested. I said I'd call our secretary in England and get her to send out a copy of our business information pack, which contains two of the company videos and a selection of brochures, etc. They arrived the Thursday before we left and after an hour-long chat over coffee with them, they were more than keen to get started. On arriving home, they called up and placed their first initial order for 15 units. Their goal now is to build this up to 100 units a month by early next year - you literally can do this business anywhere!

Q: Does your family play any role in your success?

Peter: The help and support I get from my family, especially from Tracey, have all been instrumental in my success. Although initially my family was sceptical, that all soon changed when they started to see it beginning to work and the cheques began rolling in.

Q: Who or what has influenced you the most in being successful?

Peter: The biggest inspirations for my success have come from my friends and mentors, Graham Barton, Paul Robinson and the American trainer Anthony Robbins. Graham, my sponsor, for his ongoing help, support, encouragement and his example. Paul, for initially pointing me in the right direction, for all his help and for the work he did with me around Europe. And Tony Robbins for his inspirational seminar "Turn fear into Power - The Firewalk Experience", which I attended in London about five years ago. That seminar was a real turning point for me. It showed me that if you put your mind to it, you really can do anything.

Q: What's happening with your business at the moment?
Peter: The business is now expanding rapidly and is branching out across Europe, especially in Germany and Austria. One of my distributors, in Germany, Michael Reich has done an incredible job of building our team out there. His commitment and determination got him through to the Executive Level in just six months and, in fact,

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