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Q: To achieve that success what do you focus on?

Peter: The best way I've found to build the business is to focus on finding keen, motivated people, then work with them and help them to get what they want from the business. It's as simple as that!

Q: What steps do you take with your new distributors to get them going and how do you support them?

Peter: Well, I believe that if you give people the tools to do the job then they will then be able to go out there and do it. On joining, new distributors receive a brilliant starter kit, which is a business presenter from the Company containing everything they need to really get off to a flying start. We then send them a selection of marketing tools, info packs, testimonial letters, articles, etc. which we have collected and developed ourselves over the years. We also try to get an insight into their interests and background so that we can give them ideas of where best to start working.

Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to join a network marketing company for the first time?

Peter: My advice would be to look for an established company with a credible track record, good management and stability. The last thing you want to do is to put all your time and effort into building your new business, only to find that the company's not around to pay you at the end of it. Far too many companies come and go in this industry. Few survive the first year and rarely last for five years. If they do, you can then sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Also look for a product that has universal appeal and one that you feel comfortable with. Importantly, vet your upline support very carefully, your future success could depend on it!

Q: Peter, what drives you on whenever times are tough?

Peter: My goals and the inspirational stories I hear from customers, who have greatly benefited from using the products.

Q: I see that, like every successful entrepreneur, you too are goal-focused. Do you ever write down your goals and what do they mean to you?
Peter: Yes, I've learnt that goal setting is very important and I make sure I always write them down. The action of writing them down is vital, as it helps to instil them into the subconscious. This then drives you forward and on to achieving those goals. Visualisation is also important too. Get a picture of your goal or a representation of it and place it where you can see it daily. I have one computer solely for receiving faxes and for several

years it sat there with a picture of a Lamborghini Diablo on the desktop screen. I also had the same picture on the wall, so it really does work. My advice is simple; set your goals, get focused and then don't take your eye off the ball... not even for a second!
Q: So, in your mind what are the principles behind the way that this business should be done?
Peter: The business should be built honestly, ethically and realistically. Help the distributor and give the customer the very best deal possible. We even offer customers a 12-month, unconditional, money-back guarantee on all our products. If customers get a good service, and they are happy with the service they receive, then they come back to you again and again. But, more importantly, by recommending you to others, they help you build a healthy business. Word of mouth is still by far the most powerful form of advertising available.
Q: Peter, is being a team leader what you imagined it would be?
Peter: No it's not, but as the business has expanded I have gradually adapted to the leadership role and I really love it. There's nothing better than seeing people following in my footsteps, seeing them start to experience their own success and knowing that I've played my small part in making it possible.

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