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me, I knew I needed to move on, I wanted to find the right company with products that really appealed to me. That's when I found a British company. They had fuel energy saving products that saved people money and that was something that has universal appeal. Their products also fitted in very nicely with my existing motor trade business. So this became my first real venture into network marketing.

Q: Peter, you found products that you obviously liked. Was this the only reason you joined this Company?

Peter: Products are an important part in the success of a network marketing opportunity, the other part is the marketing plan. The marketing plan is important because only this part pays you the big incomes. Unlike many other systems I'd seen, their remuneration plan was very fair and rewarding for those who put in the effort. They had realistic qualifications to earn bonuses and once a position in the plan was achieved it was permanent. So, there I was, back in 1993, with a great marketing plan and some impressive magnetic products, which were clearly suited to my professional background - what else could I do, but join. It was the best £50 I'd ever spent. Two years later, in 1995, things became even more exciting. The Company expanded into Magnotherapy products and their sales went absolutely ballistic.

Today Magnotherapy products account for over 80% of Company sales. 

Q: So, how did you first promote the business?

Peter: My first steps were to start recommending and selling the products to my friends, family and business customers. As I gained more experience I started building the networking side of the business.

Q: And now what size is your organisation?

Peter: My organisation is now over 500 strong and like myself they are all independent agents. The P.A. Network, that's my team, spreads as far as Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, and Portugal.

Q: What position are you in the company right now?

Peter: At the moment I am an 8 Star Executive within their structure and I am one of only 11 people who have reached 5 Star and above. My sponsor, Graham Barton, is at the top as a 14 Star Executive.

Q: People seem to gain a lot more from networking besides the money, is that true for you?
Peter: Very much so. Since starting out in networking my life has changed dramatically. I've given up my car repair

About to say 'Yes'

business and I now run my network full-time with the help of my wife, Tracey. I have also experienced a lot of personal development and I am now a lot more confident and outgoing than I ever was in my days as a mechanic. I feel that I can achieve anything if I really set my mind to it.

Q: So, what exactly does the success you've had mean to you?

Peter: Success means having more time and the means to do the things that I want to do.

Q: Peter, what is you success philosophy?

Peter: My philosophy is to help as many people as possible to get what they want. In network marketing and in life, the more people you can help to become successful - automatically, the more successful you become yourself. It's the universal laws of 'cause and effect'.

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