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How a Mechanic turned
Magic Magnets into a

The sight was amazing and the sound unmistakable. The high-pitched scream of a performance engine propelling a low, sleek work of art at high velocity, was grabbing everyone's attention. Known for its amazing head-turning looks, road-holding capabilities and tyre-screeching acceleration, the Italian road rocket eventually came to a stop. The door swung up and the driver climbed out with an enormous grin across his face.

So who is this happy owner of such fast exotic machinery? He is Peter Aldred, a highly successful entrepreneur and he's been driving a car that boyhood dreams are made of - the 210 mph Lamborghini Diablo SV.

For Peter, the £100,000 Lamborghini is a dream come true and it's all thanks to building his network marketing business. 
Q: Peter, what were you doing before you discovered network marketing?

Peter Aldred: In 1980 I left school and worked for four years as a mechanic in someone else's firm. However, I knew I wasn't going to make my fortune that way, so in 1984, at the age of twenty, I started up my own car repair business.

Q: How did you first discover network marketing?

Peter Aldred: A famous water filtration company introduced me to network marketing when a friend invited me along to one of their business presentations.

Q: What was you reaction to what you saw that day?

Peter Aldred: I was very impressed. I saw a revolutionary new marketing system that allowed ordinary everyday people, without any previous knowledge or experience, to build up extraordinary incomes.

I was also impressed with the fact that there was only a minimal investment to get started and no exams or interviews were required. Truly anyone could start this business. 

Q: So, this Company planted the seed for what was to eventually become the blueprint for your success?

Peter Aldred: Yes it did. At that meeting the penny dropped. I thought this could be exactly what I'd been looking for, to start me on the road to success. After the meeting I knew I had to know more about network marketing or MLM, as it was known then. So I attended meetings and trainings and I learned a lot. Although I was impressed by their marketing system I was not totally sold on their products. I didn't feel that they had enough universal appeal and consequently I thought I would find them difficult to promote.

Q: Peter, when you started networking were there any surprising challenges?

Peter Aldred: It didn't take me long to discover how sceptical some people can be about both the products and the industry. Few people could see the same vision that I had. Most of them told me that it wouldn't work and that I was wasting my time.

Q: In the face of these negative reactions how did you keep going?

Peter Aldred: It was just a matter of sticking to my vision, knowing that there had to be others out there who would see the same potential that I saw in this business.

Q: So, your networking didn't start in earnest until you joined the Network Marketing Company you're with in July 1993?

Peter: That's right. Although this previous Company provided good training for

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