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Network Marketing is a unique marketing strategy whereby anybody can build their own business regardless of their background, experience, creed or capital. It offers people from all walks of life the chance to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves, and can give them anything that they desire; from a small part-time income right the way through to a full-time income and beyond! It can be an add on to an existing job or business or an entirely fresh start.

Network Marketing allows many people to run and expand their own businesses and to profit from many other similar businesses. Instead of one wholesaler taking a high percentage in return for holding large levels of stock, as is the case in traditional marketing, Network Marketing allows many wholesalers a smaller percentage for holding small levels of stock.

In practice Network Marketing is FUN! Itís about introducing the companyís exciting range of products to anyone and everyone. These people may buy a product or they may wish to duplicate your own efforts and achievements by registering as a distributor. Either way you both win; if you retail a product to them, you make a healthy profit and they have purchased an exclusive quality product. If they become a distributor then this not only provides them with the opportunity to build a strong business but you will always have a financial interest in the success of that business, and others that they introduce. As a Network Marketing distributor your income is derived from four sources:

    1. Retail profits

    2. Wholesale profits

    3. Passive wholesale bonuses

    4. Star Executive group bonuses

What isn't Network Marketing?
This is a very important question as many people mistakenly associate Network Marketing with illegal pyramid schemes and money games which proliferated back in the 60's and 70's. Thankfully most countries have now introduced legislation to outlaw these schemes which now leaves Network Marketing as a legal, ethical and very cost effective method of moving merchandise from the manufacturer to the consumer and eliminates many of the usual headaches associated with traditional distribution.

What is Network Marketing?
This method of distribution is so cost effective that the manufacturers can give as much as 68% of the sale price back to the Distributors in the Network which is then divided out through the discount structure in royalties and bonuses.

"The opportunity of a lifetime must be seen in the lifetime of the opportunity!"

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