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I am writing this as I sit here in The Royal Christiana Hotel, Oslo, reflecting back over how things have changed for me during the past few years. After leaving school I worked quite happily as a car mechanic for about ten years. I then started to get disillusioned with the job and thought that there had to be something more! My earnings were limited by the number of vehicles I repaired and I was sick and tired of repairing them...

Around the same time, be it chance or fate, I was introduced to a magnetinc fuel saving device along with an exciting new way of doing business called ‘Compound’ or ‘Network’ Marketing. I was told that by selling some units and introducing others to the business I could build a second income with limitless potential. I tested a unit with brilliant results and checked out the business system, then I really got excited!

I started slowly at first, mainly retailing units to friends and customers, but then, with help from my helpline and others in the business, began to recruit others and my business really began to build. It continued to grow and started to build momentum. In May ’94, the Company announced that they were opening up into Europe and a colleague and I decided that we wanted a chunk of the action there. We worked hard and found some key people who have helped to build the business right across Europe, thence my current location ~ to come and meet, help and train my people here.

It still hasn’t really sunk in yet ~ tomorrow’s Wednesday and 3½ years ago I know I would have got up as late as possible then repaired a car or two doing as little as possible; as I already mentioned I hated every minute of it by then. I’d then have watched some TV before going to the pub for the customary few pints before going home again to get some sleep. Tomorrow, in contrast, I’ve got a 6 o’clock alarm call to get me up for breakfast before a taxi arrives to take me to the airport. I then fly to Sweden to meet all the people there and to run another evening opportunity meeting followed by an all-day training meeting on Thursday.

I would never have dreamt of getting up at 6 o’clock to look at a car but I am looking forward to tomorrow as I really love what I do now! Every day is different and exciting as I never know what or where things are going to happen next. For example, a week last Saturday I was at a meeting in Germany and we now plan to have a week out there in March running more opportunity meetings and trainings.

A year ago I wouldn’t have dreamt that this would be happening, let alone 3½ years ago. There’s nothing special about me; anyone can do the same if they have the desire and the belief in themselves. Remember, a journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step so why not follow me ~ I know you can do it!

I remember when I first saw our profit plan 3½ years ago, the £1,000 Wholesale target looked like a mountain and, as for the £16,000 Wholesale target, well that looked insurmountable!! My advice to you is simply this ~ Set your goals, get focused and don’t take your eye off the ball, not even for a second!!

If you have any contacts anywhere in the UK, or the rest of Europe, then why not do them a massive favour and tell them about this opportunity. If you want any help, advice or support then just pick up the phone and give me a call.

 The Mission March 1997

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