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The PA Network offers you the very best in home business opportunity... We have been involved in Networking and MLM for well over twenty years and have seen many great companies come and go. We know how to build big downlines and earn big bonus cheques. We know what works and what doesn't. So if you are looking at making a second income working from home or replacing your fulltime income you have come to the right place.

We learned a long time ago that the secret to success in Networking is to help as many other people as you can to get what they want and, in return, you too automatically become successful. So review our chosen opportunities and see which one you like the best. Then contact us directly and let's get started building your new business today!

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Ethos Daniel Dingle Foundation www.dinglefoundation.com
Ethos MAXPower Fuel Savings www.max-power.org.uk
Tahiti Products Noni Juice UK www.noni-juice-uk.co.uk
Ethos Marine Phytoplankton www.marine-phytoplankton.eu
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When Good People and Good Ideas get together...

Great Things Happen... for sure !!

But don't just take our word for it - here are some of the lovely letters and comments we have received from the people that we have worked with over the years...

"I was once asked - what I got out of this business, apart from Financial Gain. The answer was easy - 'FRIENDSHIP', 'EXCITEMENT', & 'INSPIRATION'.

From someone who everyone admires and everyone always talks about, who is never too busy or tired to help others, and asks for nothing in return - I get my "INSPIRATION". I refer to a man who I consider to be one of the best ambassadors for this business and, yes Peter, I am privileged and honoured to be in "your" group.

Thank you for all the help you have given, not only to me but to my down-line, and may I say what you're always telling me - 'You Can Do It'!!"

        ~ Dorothy, UK

You deserve the kind words and thank you for sharing your experience with us. There's no doubt, you are an excellent motivator. Heck, you've got my wife staying up late and waking up early just to work on her Ethos business.  :)

While I'm busy thanking you, let me add my thanks for the email you sent to Wayne. It was perfect.

        ~ Terry, PA, USA

No wonder your net is so big and successful, you treat us like kings and I'm sure we all appreciate it very very much. I read the newsletter in a flash and I am now very happy that some of the profits I'll "create" will benefit you and not any other "less nicer" sponsor  :)

        ~ Nuno,, Portugal

You did it! the delivery did it and even I succeeded to do the rest! - I had the transparencies in my hand 2 hours before the meeting and everything went perfectly for the meeting!

         ~ A. K. Finland

Thank you very much for your last letters and fax. The laminated sheets looks very good. I am glad that you give us this help to get more marketing material in Danish.

        ~ Thor, Denmark

Nella certezza di poter avere un buon rapporto con Voi e con Mr Aldred, vogliate gradire i pi?distinti saluti.

        ~ Mario, Italy

As usual you came up to your reputation and sent me your answers even on the same evening. And it was really covering everything what's necessary. Andreas, Sonja, Igor and me were still in the office when your fax arrived and now they understand who's Pete Aldred in case they were thinking so far I'm exaggerating when I tell about you!

        ~ Reinhard, Vienna.

Boy, you really know about your stuff!!! :) I feel like I could sell a dozen of Eco1's to Damon Hill and a BioFlow to Michael Jordan!

        ~ Nuno, Portugal

Herzliche Gr?e aus Deutschland an das Ecoflow - Team in der ganzen Welt. Special wishes to my friend Pete A in England! Thank you for your help!

        ~ Norbert, Germany

Fortunately we are in your line, and can enjoy this complimentary material. And special thanks for the reduced carriage fees - I'll not forget to mention this to my downline. It's very good pr-work and I hope you'll even profit from it later in faster growing volume.

        ~ A. K. Finland

I've received the Compound Interest where it says all about the meeting and it's a real pleasure to see Portugal in the list of country's that were represented and there's already a Network working, once again thanks Pete, for this chance you gave me without you nothing of this would be
possible, Thanks!!   :)

        ~ Nuno, Portugal

I am most grateful to you for everything you have done to support me so far, out of all the networking opportunities I have come across you are the only one who seems to know what it's all about and how to really show support.

        ~ Glynis, England

"I've been in Networking now for about six years and I have been staggered by the amount of help they have given me. I've certainly never encountered anything like it in the past!"

        ~ Bob, UK


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